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Leta Lestrange and The Prejudice About An Introvert

Today, I just rewatch (for several times) one of Harry Potter franchise movie, "Fantastic Beast 2 The Crimes of Grindelwald". Comparing to many other characters here, Leta Lestrange does hit me a lot. Although this is not the first time I watch this movie, it still breaks my heart whenever I rewatch her flashback scene in school.
She reminds me of me, my old self, my past.
That I wasnt very sociable, unable to fit in very well at school, being isolated, not having many friends around.
I am an introvert, that's why.
Even till right now, whenever I hear the soundtrack of her flashback scene, it touches my heart so deeply.

Although it has happened almost ten years ago.. While now I have changed n improved my social skill very much and be able to fit in,  I still cannot forget my past, my old self. Despite of me being an introvert, it doesn't mean that I cannot socialize with people.. I just like being alone, hating the noises, and avoiding the crowds. Is that something …

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